drawing lines on rocks

The art of drawing lines on the rocks

Art is a form of self-expression, an abstraction that art can interpret in many different ways. Some artists may use a pen to draw wings on a bird, while others may use a rock as their canvas and draw lines on it.

In this article, Samir Bensalah tells us about the art of drawing lines on rocks .

drawing lines on rocks

Where did the idea come from?

Samir says : The idea is inspired by the natural and marine shapes engraved on the surfaces of the stones. Each has a story that differs from the other in form and details. As for the shape of the outer stone, I choose it at random.

The inspiration

 When I think of the details of the stone, the plants, and the things around me, I see many harmoniously intertwined forms, like magic. It’s a very strange and deep design, so I sculpt it on white paper with stripes every time I try to get all these details.

drawing lines on rocks

Search for details

Details are the driving force behind this art, and I rely on them to create a unique chaos-based system. I enjoy discovering it and diving into its mystery, it’s the kind of contradiction I love, the chaos that creates order with a coherent and harmonious mechanism.

Why did I choose the stone?

I liked the stone because it is multi-shaped, especially navy; It contains many fossils and sea creatures that passed millions of years ago, once they were alive, and now they are solid and fossilized bodies; their beauty can inspire the artist.

drawing lines on rocks

What do see in this art?

When adding lines, as an art form, on a rock installed in the mountain, they add some movement, attract the beholder, and give him the opportunity for contemplation and enlightenment in a soft, moving repetition that delights the beholder.

drawing lines on rocks

Also, this kind of Art Nouveau, gently fading with the factors and forces of nature, will have no trace. After several days it disappears, and nature returns to what it was before to its true beauty.

drawing lines on rocks
drawing lines on rocks

How are the shape of the stones and the colors that you use?

I often choose a flat stone, as it helps the pen move easily while drawing. I relied on the dark color, especially black, because it catches the eye and shows all the details, even the small ones.

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