5 Tips for Finding the Best Interior Paint for Your Home.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Interior Paint for Your Home

Painting your home’s interior is a great way to refresh your space and make it feel new, but there are a lot of questions to answer before you know which paint to use. What’s the best color? What kind of paint do I need, latex or oil? What will the paint smell like? And how much does it cost? The list goes on and on.

Don’t worry! We have all the answers you need right here. We have compiled a list of five tips to help you find the best interior paint for your space, so that you can give your home a fresh coat without any fuss.

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What kind of paint do I need?

If you want to find the best paint for your home, you need to choose between latex or oil-based paint. Latex is typically best for painting most surfaces, like woodwork and drywall, but oil is better if you are looking to paint textured walls or brick.(oil paint vs latex)

There are pros and cons to both types of paint. Oil-based paints can help your surface feel more smooth, while latex is better suited to cover large areas quickly. You also have to worry less about residual odors with latex paints because they generally use acrylic instead of linseed oil.

The decision ultimately comes down to what you’ll be painting and how much money you want to spend on paint. If your surface is porous, like brick or textured plaster, go with an oil-based paint that will adhere well without sealing the surface first. If it’s not porous (like drywall) then opt for a water-based latex paint..

How much is it and how do I know what is the right price for me?

How much is it and how do I know what is the right price for me?

The cost of paint will vary depending on the quality of the paint, the amount you buy, and where you buy it. You can expect to spend anywhere between $20-$60 for a gallon of exterior latex paint, $60-$100 for interior latex paint, and $25-$40 for an exterior oil-based paint.(Painting your front door)

There are many factors that go into determining the price that you will pay for your paint. Consider how much money you want to spend and what type of paint you’ll need (exterior or interior).

What’s the best color?

We’ll start with the most obvious question—should I paint my interior walls white or another color?


You might assume that white is your best bet, but it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your paint color. You might want a cozy and intimate feel for your home (in which case, go for dark colors), or you might want to make it seem brighter and more expansive (in which case, go for light colors).

White can be soft and inviting or hard and sterile depending on the room.

For example, if you have a bedroom that needs some new life, painting it a light color like yellow could make it seem larger and more spacious. But if you have a room that’s too small, dark colors will make it even smaller and feel even more oppressive. So think about what you want your space to feel like before choosing a paint color!

How do I prep my walls before painting?

You might not realize it, but properly preparing your walls before painting is essential to getting a smooth surface. If the surface of your wall is too bumpy or textured, then paint will collect in those spots and you’ll end up with unsightly bumps when you’re done painting.

Before you start painting in earnest, take some sandpaper to the wall to scrape away any bumps or irregularities. Then wash the wall so that any leftover dirt or grime doesn’t affect your final paint job.

What kind of paint do I need?

When should I paint my home’s interior again?

The frequency with which you should paint your home’s interior depends on the type of paint you use. If you use latex paint, painting every year is ideal. However, if you use oil-based paint, then it can last up to three or four years before it needs to be refreshed.

It’s important that you refresh your home’s interior often because dirt and grime are two of the worst enemies of your painting job. When choosing a paint color, make sure it will work well with the colors in your space already. You don’t want to choose a bright orange if all the other colors are white!

Painting your home’s interior is an easy way to create a fresh feeling in any space. Whether it’s for aesthetics or to get rid of old stains, painting your walls can have many positive effects on your life and happiness while giving you a new lease on life for your home.


Find Decorating Inspiration Online

It’s hard to know where to start when you are trying to paint your home’s interior. But don’t worry, there are plenty of places online that can help you find the perfect color scheme for your space.

First, take a look at the colors in your home. What colors are most prominent? Do you have any pieces of furniture or accent pieces that you want to use as inspiration?

Next, search for style-specific color palettes on Pinterest or Houzz. You can also find inspiration by looking at pictures of other homes on Pinterest or Houzz.

Lastly, visit paint stores and talk to experts about what colors would work best with the existing paint in your home.

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