5 ideas for leftover marble

5 ideas for leftover marble

Marble is used in a lot of home designs, and when it’s finished, a lot of marble remains, which people usually throw away immediately, without thinking about how to use it in other ways.

So, what can you do with leftover marble? Stone blocks are a great way to decorate small pieces of furniture, such as side tables and even smaller bathroom furniture. 

Small pieces can be turned into accessories, such as pedestals or serving dishes and cutting boards. Catering companies have used marble shards to serve as trays for serving cheese, as well as fruits because they keep them cold. Another option is to make stunning mosaics, such as a granite scrap curb, which used to be located outside the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida.

what can be done with the leftover marble? Do you want to save it? Do you have space to keep? Therefore, we will suggest you some ideas that can help you in the process of making use of the leftover marble.

Cup Guard

Leftover marble, hexagonal or round, can be used as a cup holder, as it protects your worktop from stains, as well as giving a cool look in the kitchen or anywhere in the house.

Cutting board

Cutting Board

The leftover marble can be used to make a solid, sturdy cutting board for use in the kitchen.

Hexagonal serving plates

Hexagonal serving plates

These hexagonal serving plates from Sugar & Cloth ,are the perfect stacking bowl ,for cakes and desserts to serve. Or you can use it ,as everyday storage on your coffee table ,or kitchen counters.

Hexagonal serving plates
mosaic floor marble


It is possible to stick pieces of randomly crushed marble ,or granite on the floor of the house, and it can also be used to mark the floors of gardens ,or driveways in the outside of the house.

Mosaic floor

Mosaic Floor

Randomly cut ceramic pieces ,can be stuck to the floor of the house, and can be used to mark the floors of the garden ,or driveways outside the house.

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